Kathleen Anderson


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT

“And they lived happily ever after”, is a phrase that many associate with ideal romance. At times, on the way to “ever after”, partners encounter difficulties that reduce the degree of positive regard that they feel toward one another. Sometimes these difficulties may be connected to parenting, stress, self esteem, family life cycle transitions, etc. My mission is to assist partners in their journey to rediscover the poetry in their relationship, as well as to support family systems and individuals as they work towards their relational goals and becoming their best selves.

As a clinician with a systemic orientation, an emphasis on solution-building, and an empowerment lens, I encourage clients to be “the experts of their lives.” I explore with clients their unique resources and perspectives, as well as the relational dynamics and contexts that may be fostering the concerns with which clients present.

Although treatment does not come with a guarantee, there are times when change is perhaps just around the corner. Giving ourselves permission to explore creative solutions and new possibilities can be the key to what we seek in our relationships with others and with ourselves. It is my role and an honor to walk with you on this portion of the journey.

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