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One of the biggest obstacles to personal, emotional, mental and social well-being is holding on to the past. Letting go of the past can empower you to obtain happiness, and contentment in all walks of life. It is very important, yet difficult, to be in the present. Letting go and starting anew will increase your sense of resilience and help you tackle concerns confidentially and bravely without feeling helpless, unduly stressed or overwhelmed. Confidence paired with realistic goals and plans can lead to peace versus anxiety and fear. Properly managed stress can positively affect your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Many client symptoms can arise from untapped traumatic experiences. I provide an integrative and trauma informed approach to meet individuals’ unique needs. I have experience implementing evidenced-based practice models to meet clients where they are, alleviate symptoms, and ultimately meet individualized therapeutic goals.

You have made the decision to improve the complicated personal aspects of your life surrounding your intimate relationships, family, social, or professional situations. I can assist you with learning how to make the changes you feel need to be made. Filled with compassion, I look forward to helping you create the life that you deserve.

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